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The "Team Burke Advantage"

In addition to the knowledge and expertise gained from 10 years of experience in the real estate industry in Saskatoon, I offer leading-edge home-selling and home-buying products and services.  Using the latest technology and proven consumer innovations, my approach goes far beyond the approach that most Realtors use.

The majority of real estate agents are one-person operations, who are desperately overworking themselves to do the best job they can for their clients.  However, agents can only do so much given the huge volume of administrative work that is typically required in a property sale or purchase.  This ultimately results in agents not being able to dedicate as much of their time and resources as possible to their client’s individual needs and to ensuring smooth sale or purchase transactions for their clients.


This is where the “Team Burke Advantage” comes in!


I have aligned myself with a team of professionals dedicated to taking care of all technical and administrative aspects of the real estate process … freeing my time up to provide personalized, top-notch service to my clients.



How Most Agents Operate

Team Burke Advantage

- Undertake to juggle all these tasks by himself or herself
- Eventually run up against the limits of time, energy and money
- Few homes sold means limited cash flow to invest back into advertising your home
- Limited time means less time to spend with you

- You get a whole team of professionals working for you (versus a single agent)
- We never run out of time for you because each of us is separately responsible for a specific process in the selling of your home
Together, our combined efforts add up to superior marketing and customer service, resulting in your home sold fast and for top dollar

"There's a lot to do to get a home sold"

  • Meet with homeowner to list their home
  • Measure all rooms
  • Determine key selling features
  • Prepare a thorough comparative market analysis
  • Help determine an appropriate listing price
  • Prepare all paperwork for proper documentation of the listing
  • Transfer all lilsting details to MLS and personal website
  • Take photos of the property
  •  Get keys cut
  • Affix a lock box
  • Put up a sign
  • Write an ad for the property
  • Design an ad space for the ad
  • Place ad in appropriate media
  • Ensure proper rotation of the ad
  • Make cold calls t source new buyers and sellers
  • Knock on doors to source buyers and sellers
  • Preview homes for prospective buyers
  • Show homes to prospective buyers
  •  Prepare feature sheets for the home
  • Deliver the feature sheets to the homeowner
  • Organize an open house
  • Attend the open house
  • Remain up-to-date on all showings of the home
  •  Gather buyer feedback from agents who have shwon the home
  • Keep in regular touch with and provide activity reports to homeowner
  • Receive offers for the purchase of the home
  • Present offers to homeowners
  • Negotiate a price settlement between seller and buyer
  • Prepare all sales documentation
  • Ensure possession process goes smoothly

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